The Best Mobile Phone – The vivo S1 Pro Price

The vivo s1 pro is a newly released smartphone that comes with a fast charging feature. It also comes with a free copy of the iPhone’s guide which shows users the basic instructions on using the smartphone. The pro has a built-in accelerometer which measures the rotation speeds and the distance covered while in motion. There is also a barcode scanner and a camera which helps in taking clear pictures.

The camera on the vivo s1 pro is the same one used in the iPhone camcorder. It is capable of recording videos at up to two hours of playback time. It has a speciality in capturing clear pictures and videos and is capable of detecting movement. The camera on the handset is an extension of the iPhone’s camera and uses the same optical zoom and optical stabilization as the iPhone’s camera. This is in addition to the Face recognition technology that is found in the iPhone.

The built in memory of the vivo s1 pro is expandable and it has a storage capacity of gigabytes. The cellular memory of this smartphone is of the vivo s1 pro expandable kind and it can hold approximately two hundred and twenty two gigabytes of space. This is almost the same size as what an iPhone has. A neat feature of this handset is that it can work as an all in one device as it comes with a dock connector for connecting to an iPhone or other similar handsets which supports wireless connectivity.

The pro has two cameras on its surface, namely the front facing 16 megapixel sensor and the back facing 12 megapixel sensor. The phone has a unique diamond shaped camera panel which can be seen when the phone is switched on. The rear camera has a resolution of five megapixels but has a lower depth of field than the front camera which has a resolution of 12 megapixels. In total, the vivo s1 pro has a camera with four distinct imaging modes and an enhanced digital zoom facility.

The funtouch vivo s1 pro has an intuitive user interface which makes it easy to operate and features a unique diamond patterned graphical user interface which is available with software download. The phone runs on the Linux kernel 3.4.3 and has the Adreno architecture which has been developed by Nokia. The phone runs on the android operating system OS which has also been developed by Nokia. This unique combination allows users to enjoy a visually enhanced mobile web browsing experience with excellent sound quality.

The vivid colors of this handset attract many users and have won many awards for its looks. One can easily buy the dreamy white vivo s1 pro price in various online stores like Amazon India. Online shopping offers buyers great deals on these handsets. Online prices are much lower as compared to the offline prices. Buyers should be aware of all these facts before placing the order.

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